About Me

My name is Brigham Lewis, Full-Stack Web Developer. Ever since I was little I have been interested in computers and technology, this led to my passion for computers. Between tinkering with computers and playing different games when I was younger when I discovered coding and development it just felt right. Fast forward a few years and here we are: An upcoming graduate of Centriq training and Full-Stack Web Developer. Over the past year I have been diving into new technologies and finding a stride at Centriq and learning more and more about coding. I have dived into many technologies and languages including HTML, CSS, C#, MVC, ReactJS, and More. To learn more about the things I've been doing over the the last year check out my project portfolio.

Featured Projects:

StoreFront - MVC Site w/Database integration

A fully functional Storefront page built with MVC with fully connected database functionality.

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Dungeon Application - C#

A dungeon crawler based off of pokemon that uses C# to create a functional game.

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Chef's Toolkit - HTML and CSS Only Site

A site built for an educational company using only HTML and CSS, includes multiple pages and custom formating. (Browser Only)

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